Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What is More Deadly Than HIV-AIDS?

Doubtlessly, HIV-AIDS has been a nightmare to people all over the world. Young people are the most vulnerable to this disease. More and more young people die every second because of the disease. More and more young people are infected everyday through any of the four ways through which one can contact the disease. Did you just say that you don't know the four ways? Never mind, I will tell you. But my concern here is that there is actually something that kills faster than HIV-AIDS. Yes you heard me right; there is something that kills faster than the deadly HIV-AIDS.

HIV is the absolutely deadly virus that causes AIDS. In case you don't know or you know but probably you've forgot, HIV is the abbreviation for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Then what about AIDS? AIDS is an abbreviation for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is the consequence of being attacked by HIV. The mission of HIV is to destroy the human immune system thus creating "opportunity" for various infections known as opportunistic infections to attack the victim.

The opportunistic infections include any deadly disease you can think of such as diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, tuberculosis, eating disorders and liver disease. The infections include all the biggest health problems on earth because the immune system is now dysfunctional - it no longer protects the body from "deadly strangers". So every stranger is welcome!

I promised to inform you about the four ways through which one can contact HIV-AIDS. They include sexual intercourse between infected person and another person, sharing of unsterilized sharp instruments, blood transfusion, and mother-to-child transmission. So, it's advisable that young people abstain from any form of sexual relationship. Married people are advised to be faithful to their partners because having many partners can really make one susceptible to the disease. If you are so sick that you need some pints of blood to get going then make sure that the blood is well screened.

Research shows that more people have died as a result of stigmatization than those that died due to HIV-AIDS. Therefore, stigmatization kills more people than HIV-AIDS. People have failed to understand that people living with HIV-AIDS are not less human. Many, many people living with HIV-AIDS have been disowned by their parents and rejected by their friends and relatives. Some of them have been axed by their employers simply because they are ill like every other person.

Stigmatization makes people living with HIV-AIDS to feel frustrated, depressed, dejected and rejected by the world. So they think it's better to leave this world since they are no longer wanted here. As a matter of fact, stigmatization kills faster than HIV-AIDS and I think it's time for people that are not infected but have people living with the disease around them to show them enough respect and love.